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1 About the contracting institution

The institution´s premises are mainly located in the Arrhenius laboratories together with the other chemistry institutions and other institutions in "Life Science". More than 200 people, including about 80 doctoral students, are currently employed by the department. The research spans a wide area and is within many of the projects of the highest world class. The department also has a strong connection to the Science for Life Laboratory. The research that is conducted is unique in Sweden and also in the world through its interdisciplinary nature and spans a very wide area including cell biology, biochemistry, biophysics and theory. For more information about our business, see our website

2 Goals and purpose

The Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics wishes to purchase a stereotaxic frame to form part of an in vivo electrophysiology setup.

3 Requirement specification

A stereotaxic frame is required to form part of an in vivo electrophysiology setup.

The stereotaxic instrument must be fully compatible with both rats and mice and has to include a bite bar, gas mask (for gas anaesthesia), two ear bar holders, and two ear bars. If a single set of these components does not allow perfect compatibility between the two species, two sets (one for mice and one for rats) must be provided.

The instrument must allow fine adjustment of the angle of the animal’s head to enable levelling of the animal´s skull.

The instrument must be equipped with two (left and right) 19 mm lateral rail mounts approximately 250 mm in length, and a stereotaxic adapter must be included to permit the mounting of a Luigs and Neumann Junior motorized manipulator (already in place).

This adaptor must allow at least 180 and maximum 360 degrees rotation in the horizontal plane.

Furthermore, to facilitate and increase the horizontal and vertical reach of the manipulator, a compatible displacement adapter must be included.

The instrument must have a footprint no larger than 60x60 cm and be compatible with installation on an antivibration TMC table with M6 mounting holes.

The product and all accessories must be delivered within two months of order placement.

4 Quotation

We expect quotation regarding the above and wish the following to be stated in the quotation;


State the total price for delivery including service and installation.

The quote should be itemised to if appropriate (such as with accessories)

No other costs may be added for the commission´s implementation.

Answer in the tender how the offered product meets the requirement specification. Supporting documentation should be provided attached to the submitted tender offer if appropriate.

The quotation will be submitted no later than 2022-05-20

The quotation must be binding with 2022-07-20

5. Evaluation and award (supplier selection)

The supplier offering the most economically advantageous solution to the contract is awarded the contract. SU evaluates the tenders in accordance with the above requirements.

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