Stockholms Universitet Preparative HPLC

Preparative HPLC

Stockholms universitet, Stockholm


1.1 About Stockholm University

Stockholm University, in the capital of Sweden, is one of Europe´s leading centers for higher education and research in human natural science and science. Currently, the university has 29 300 students, 1 400 doctoral students, and 5 700 members of staff.

Contracts with Stockholm University are also applicable for all parts of the University, institutions, foundations and other organizations affiliated with Stockholm University.

More information about Stockholm University is available on the Stockholm University website:

Science for Life Laboratory, SciLifeLab, is a national center for molecular biosciences with focus on health and environmental research. SciLifeLab is a national resource and a collaboration between four universities: Karolinska Institutet, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm University and Uppsala University.

1.2 Background and scope

This procurement deals with a preparative HPLC equipment for Department of organic chemistry, SU, SciLifeLab, Solna and it will be an important tool for the SciLifeLab Drug Discovery and Development platform (SciLifeLab DDD) which offers integrated drug discovery efforts to the Swedish academic research community. The synthetic chemists at the Department of Organic Chemistry, SU, at the Hit2Lead facility at SciLifeLab DDD can contribute with knowledge around molecules and with the understanding of the property balance needed for a compound to be successful in the first in vivo tests. The Hit2Lead facility has access to a unique compound collection and a lab fully equipped for organic synthesis. The prep LC systems will be used by the researchers at the facility to purify final compounds after organic synthesis in mg to g scale using columns with inner diameters of 10-50 mm.

Please see the Requirement specification for more information.

1.3 Contract

Stockholm University intends to enter into contract with a single supplier.

1.4 Direct award procurement

The procurement will be conducted as a direct award procurement, in accordance with the Swedish Public Procurement Act (2016:1145). Some negotiations, clarifications and additions are possible when minor, but only by request of Stockholm University. The tender must therefore be complete when submitted.

The tenders will be opened after the last day of tender. Only tenders who fulfill all requirements will be evaluated. Evaluation will be conducted as shown in “Evaluation and Award decision”. All tenderers will be informed of the award decision through Mercell Direktupphandling. The awarding of contract does not constitute a binding agreement. A binding contract will be entered into by signature of both parties.

The procurement is concluded when a binding contract has been entered into, or when the procurement has been otherwise closed.

Stockholm University has the right to discontinue the procurement if and when the tenders essentially exceed the budget for the procurement and/ or when essential changes of Stockholm University´s need has occurred.

1.5 About the procurement documents 

The word "must" indicate a mandatory requirement which must be accepted. In some cases the mandatory requirement includes a demand of a description and/or documents in addition to a confirmation that the requirement is met. The tender must then also include the adequate information. Tenders which do not meet all of the mandatory requirements at the appropriate time will not be accepted.

The word "should" is used for criteria. Fulfillment of criteria are optional, and show added values for Stockholm University. Fulfillment of criteria may be shown by acceptance, or with added information, as requested. Fulfillment of criteria will be used in the evaluation as stated in "Evaluation and Award decision".

1.6 Confidentiality

All correspondence and information related to the tendering process is confidential until an award decision is made public and/or the procurement is closed in another way. After this all correspondence and information are made public and available on request in accordance with the principle of public access to official records.

Information concerning an individual company’s business or operating conditions in the tender may however remain confidential if there are special reasons to assume that the company is likely to suffer damage if the information is disclosed. Tenderers who wish to have information remain confidential may request continued confidentiality. The request for confidentiality should include which information that requires confidentiality, the reasons for this and which damage that is likely to be the result of disclosure of the information.

A decision regarding whether the information shall be disclosed or not will be made by Stockholm University when someone wishes to take part of the information. Stockholm University cannot however guarantee requested confidentiality. Please note that information that are the basis for awarding of contract can be protected only if and when there are special circumstances.

Please state whether the tenderer request confidentiality. If confidentiality is requested, the tenderer should specify the parts of the tender to be kept confidential and which damage they may suffer if the information is disclosed.      

1.7 Personal data

Stockholm University is responsible for all personal data that are included in the procurement process, e.g. the names of contact persons and consultants. Handling of personal data are necessary in both the procurement process and when entering into contract.

The tenderer must ensure that enclosure of personal data in the tender are in accordance with relevant legislation. (E.g. Dataskyddsförordningen (EU) 2016/679 and Dataskyddslagen (2018:218).) and any and all necessary permissions of relevant personnel and/ or other parties are met before submitting the personal data in the tender.

By submitting the tender, the tenderer accepts Stockholm University´s handling of all submitted personal data when necessary for the procurement process and for entering into contract.

2.Tender requirements

2.1 Instructions for a complete tender             

The tender must indicate that all the mandatory requirements stated in the tender documents are met.

Stockholm University reserves the right to accept the whole tender, or the parts of the tender which are in accordance with the stated requirements.

2.2 Format of the tender                 

The tender must be submitted in Swedish and/or English. If and when a document is in English, and the meaning of word, term or other, is not clear to Stockholm University, the parties must agree on a specific meaning in Swedish before contract signing.

The tender must be given as requested in this document. Answers should be given in the required way. Answers can be given in enclosed documents if there is a clear reference to this.

2.3 Subcontractors   

A tenderer may use subcontractors for the delivery of services and supplies. A tenderer who wishes to use one or more subcontractors for part of the delivery, in accordance with LOU 14:6, directly to Stockholm University, must include information regarding this.

Any subcontractor must fulfill all mandatory requirements as the tenderer. The tenderer is fully responsible as for their own, for any and all work/ deliveries that are made through/ by a subcontractor.

2.4 Price

The tender must include all requested information regarding price as stated in section 5. Evaluation and awarding of contract.

All tender prices must be stated in SEK excluding value added tax (VAT) and must not include any other adjustments than those stated in the contractual terms and conditions.

All necessary parts for the delivery must be included in the price, if not specifically stated otherwise.

2.5 Complementary or additional information                    

The tenderer may ask for clarifications of the procurement documents through Mercell Direktupphandling. This should take place as soon as possible since the complementary or additional information will take precedence before the original terms.

All complementary and additional information will be published in Mercell Direktupphandlng. Stockholm University will publish complementary and additional information no later than five days before last day for tender. 

2.6 Submission of tender 

Please make sure that all mandatory requirements are fully met before submitting the Tender.

The Tender must be sent through Mercell Direktupphandling. The tenderer must registrer with the identification number and by an authorized submitter.

The Tender must be submitted no later than 2022-06-03. Tenders received after the deadline for submission of tenders will not be reviewed by Stockholm University.

2.7 Period of validity of the tender             

The tender must be valid until 2022-09-03.

2.8 Contractual Terms and Conditions

Stockholm University intends to enter into contract as is shown in Contractual Terms and Conditions. The terms and conditions must be accepted as is. A tender that includes terms and/ or conditions in contradiction of the stated contractual terms and conditions will not be accepted.

The tender may include complementing terms and conditions. Such will only be valid if and when Stockholm University has given its written approval, and only in parts that are not contradicted by any terms and conditions given in this procurement.

3.Requirements of tenderers

3.1 Information regarding the tenderer

Information regarding the tenderer must be registrered at the account in Mercell Direktupphandling. Please ensure that the following information are correct: full name and idefication number, form of business/company, postal address, visiting address, telephone number, e-mail and website. 

The tender must include information of authorized signatory/ signatories.

3.2 Registration control                 

The tenderer must meet any demands, and be free of any debts, regarding the legal requirements concerning preliminary income tax (A-skatt), employer contributions, and corporate tax (F-skatt) in Sweden or in the home country.

Foreign tenderers must supply the corresponding certificates from their home country, translated into Swedish or English, confirming that they meet the legal requirements concerning registration and taxes as described above, no more than five workdays from Stockholm University´s request.

The documentation must be dated no more than two months before the submission of tender.

3.3 Financial capacity                     

The tenderers financial capacity must be adequate for the assignment. The financial capacity is deemed adequate when the tenderer attains the score "creditworthy" (40) by CreditSafe i Sverige AB. Stockholm University will, if possible, conduct control of this via CreditSafe i Sverige AB.

A tenderer which cannot be controlled via CreditSafe i Sverige AB, must provide confirmation of corresponding credit by submitting a certificate from another credit reference agency. If this is not possible, the confirmation may be given by another independent party, e.g. an auditor. Such confirmation must be provided no later than five days from Stockholm University´s request.

3.4 Electronic invoice

The tenderer must send e-invoices. If electronic messages cannot be sent according to the standards described in SFTI, the supplier can register their invoice at a web portal designated by Stockholm University.

For more information see:

3.5 Environmental management system

Stockholm University´s objective of environmental work is to contribute to a sustainable development. Through continuous improvements, Stockholm University will work to ensure that the highest possible environmental considerations are taken into account.

The tenderer must work in accordance with an environmental management system with continuous improvements and in accordance with applicable legal requirements.

3.6 Quality management

The tenderer must apply a quality management system with continuous improvements that ensures that the agreed quality is met.

The tenderer must submit a description to show that this requirement is met, either a certificate, conforming to standard SS-EN ISO 9001: 2015 or an equivalent of a certification as above, or in the form of an own documented quality management system.

3.7 Technical and professional capacity                   

The tenderer must show sufficient technical and professional capacity for the fulfillment of the contract by submitting the following documentation.

A. The tenderer must state and describe which resources that are available for this assignment, and how the resources will be used to ensure the responsibilities of the contract.

Technical ability, organization and capacity

- The tenderer must have a service organisation with sufficient resources and expertise to perform the installation, service, and corrections of potential faults with the provided equipment.

- The tenderer must have a support organisation with Swedish- and English-speaking staff that can answer technical questions via e-mail and/or telephone during Swedish business hours and train researchers at SciLifeLab in the operation and daily service of the provided equipment.

- The service technician performing the service must have a deep knowledge of the system’s both hard- and software.

Name the description "Name of Tenderer_Available resources"

B. The tenderer must have concluded several assignments equal to this assignment (see Requirements for the assignment). during the last three years. The assignments must have been concluded with good results.


The tender must include the names of at least 2 references who can assess the tenderer’s operations in terms of (i) service, (ii) quality, and (iii) relevant competence.

The reference instrument should be of similar type and scope.

The installation should have been carried out in the last 5 years.

The listed contact persons should possess knowledge about how the work relating to the product/service was carried out.

The tenderer is responsible for notifying the contact persons in advance, as well as ensuring that they can be reached at the specified e-mail address and are able to provide a reference report.

The tenderer should fill out the information of reference in the table below.

Reference 1.

Receiver of Delivery (Customer)

Name of contact person:

Role/responsibility of the contact person within the principal organization:

Contact person´s telephone number (incl. country code):

Delivery date:


Contact person´s e-mail address:

Short description: 

Reference 2.

Receiver of Delivery (Customer)

Name of contact person:

Role/responsibility of the contact person within the principal organization:

Contact person´s telephone number (incl. country code):

Delivery date:


Contact person´s e-mail address:

Short description:

The tenderer must provide at least 1-2 dedicated persons for the assignment. The offered person must be responsible for, and conduct, the assignment.

The competency of offered personnel must be shown by submission of CV for each person. Please specify which areas each person is offered for, and which previous assignments and/or education that are invoked to show adequate capacity for each requirement.

Contact persons for orders

Contact person at SU

Name: Ylva Gravenfors

Title: Head of Unit

Address: SciLifeLab

Alfa 5

Tomtebodavägen 23 B

171 65 Solna

Phone: +46 (0)70 67 24 897


Contact person of the Supplier

Name: Xxxxx Xxxxxxxx

Title: Xxxxxxxx

Address: Xxxxxxxx, Xxxxxxxx

Phone: +xx-xxx xxx xx

E-mail: xxxx. xxxx@xxxxx.xx


4.1 Goods/ Services

The goods must comply with all requirements and with the criteria that has been offered by the supplier.

The supplier must accept all requirements in this procurement. The supplier must submit all information and documents that are required to show how the requirements are fulfilled.


The following parts must be included in the tender: Autoinjector, Pumps (Solvent delivery system), Detector(s), Fraction collector, Computer and Software for acquisition and processing.

- All equipment delivered must be designed to fit the Swedish electrical system.

- Connections must be for single phase 220-240 V, 50 Hz.

- All equipment delivered must be CE marked.

- The model designation must be entered.

The equipment used today is housed in a hood connected to the ventilation with

Width 140 cm

Depth 73 cm

Height 75 cm

The new system excluding computer must be possible to house in this or an alternate housing must be included in the tender price.


- It must be possible to inject at least 2.5 mL from the injection vials.

- The remaining volume of sample after injection from recommended vials must not exceed 0.1 ml. State the type of vial and remaining volume after sample injection.

- Racks for injection must be included.

- It must be possible to inject volumes from 0.1-5 ml. State the interval for possible injection volumes.

- It must be possible to calibrate the Z-coordinates for the injection needle using the software to ensure maximum recovery of the sample.

- It must be possible to queue at least 10 vials for injection at the same time. State the number of vials that can be handled by the injector.

Fraction collector:

- A fraction collector must be included. The fraction collector and the autoinjector could be one single liquid handling unit.

- The fraction collector must handle tubes available from numerous suppliers (like 13*100, 16*150 and/or 18*150).

- The fraction tubes must be placed in racks and the fraction collector must be able to use at least two racks for the same run. It must be possible to change the racks not used for collection of fractions during the run.

- The fraction collector must handle around 130 13*100 mm tubes simultaneously

- The fraction collector should handle around 100 16*150 or 18*150 mm tubes.

- At least 4 racks handling the different tube sizes must be included in the price.

- If different tubes sizes are handled by the system there must be an automatic control of the fraction collector is adjusted to the selected collector tray type.

Solvent delivery system

- The solvent delivery system must have high pressure gradient mixing of at least two different solvents.

- At least 2 different solvents must be accessible at a time. State the number of solvents that are be accessible at a time.

- It must handle flows from 5- 100 ml/min in gradient mode with an accuracy of at least 3%. State the interval and accuracy for the flowrate.

- The solvent delivery system must handle gradients of 0-100% organic modifier.

- The solvent delivery system must handle pressures up to at least 300 bars. State the maximum operating pressure.

- It must be possible to purge the system.

- If a degassing system is needed for optimal performance, it must be included.

- The solvent delivery system must be compatible with pH ranging from 2-12.

Variable UV-detector

- A detector with a suitable flowcell must be included.

- It must be possible to collect data on at least two different wavelengths simultaneously.

- The range of the wavelengths to choose from must be at least 190-600 nm.

- The accuracy of the wavelength must be at least ±2 nm.

Additional detector

- It must be possible to attach at least one additional detector to the system.

Computer and software

General – Computer hardware

- A computer (including screen, keyboard and mouse must be included in the tender. State the specifications of the computer set-up.

- The computer must have one SSD of at least 256 GB for the operating system and one extra internal storage drive of at least 2 TB.

- The computer must have at least 8 GB of RAM.

- The computer must have an up-to-date CPU with at least 8 cores or 4 cores/8 threads (e.g. 9th Gen Intel Core I5 or I7 or newer or AMD Ryzen 3000-series or newer).

- The computer must have enough capacity to handle the entire system, without any drawbacks depending on its use or amount of handled information, during the systems entire technical life span.

 General software

- The system software for handling and control of the entire system for collection and processing of data, evaluation and creating of protocols must be included.

- The software for control of the equipment, acquisition and processing of data, evaluation and making protocols must be compatible with Windows 10 and later versions of Windows.

- The software must be complete for efficient use of the instrument.

- The software must monitor the system and stop the pumps before maximum pressure tolerance is met, the intervals set in the systems are exceeded, or if a leakage or other occurrence that inhibits any ongoing experiments is detected.

- The software should indicate where the problem is detected.

- If a vial is missing at the time of the injection the system must proceed to the next row in the queue.

General software-functions

- It must be possible to assign different roles to different users, at least an administrator role and a user role.

- Users must log in with their own or a groups account to be able to access the software to run the instrument.

- It must be possible to automatically generate and save a PDF-report of every run, consisting of such information as date, file name, method, chromatogram, and fractions collected, both on the chromatogram and in a list.

- It must be possible to see an overlay of the UV-traces with the fractions collected including the position of the fraction in the fraction collector.

- It must be possible to download, evaluate, process and print chromatograms on the instrument from earlier runs meanwhile data collection is taking place.

- The data files must be protected from overwriting.

- It must be possible to collect fractions based on UV-threshold, slope or time and also the combination of two or three of the parameters slope, time and threshold.

- It must be possible to manually start and stop collection of fractions, either through the software or on the fraction collector.

- It must be possible to change the parameters on a started run.

- Runs must be started through a sample list. It must be possible to add and remove samples to the queue while running.

- It must be possible to set limits for the maximum back pressure over the column in the method.

- It must be possible to have methods that are available to all users, such as generic gradients, start up, wash and shut down methods.

- General methods generated by the administrator must be protected from over writing by other users. Other users must be allowed to first copy methods from the administrator account to their account and then modify the methods (or similar).

- It must be possible to turn off the flow and the UV-detector using a shut down method.

- It must be possible to wash columns, injector and fraction collector using a wash method.

- It must be possible to perform wash sequences and shut down the instrument from the sample list.

- If there is an update of the software within one year from installation of the system, an upgrade to the new version must be included.

The supplier must show which of the criteria that are included in the offer. The supplier must submit all information and documents that are required to show how the criteria are fulfilled. Fulfillment of criteria will be awarded added value as stated in 5. Evaluation and Award decision.

The supplier must submit the following to show that/which of the offered criteria are met: An answer sheet with a Yes/No for all required (“must”) criteria and value adding (“should”) criteria found under section 4.

4.2 Time for the delivery

Contact Ylva Gravenfors at Stockholms universitet to make an agreement regarding the exact delivery time.

Delivery Terms:

The delivery terms must be DAP on site at SciLifeLab/Stockholms universitet according to INCOTERMS 2010 and also include insurance and transportation to the installation site.

Delivery Address


Alfa 5

Tomtebodavägen 23B

171 65 SOLNA

4.3 Option/s

Stockholm university shall have the right, but no obligation, to order a service contract of three (3) years with the same terms as this contract.

State the pricing of the options:

4.4 Service and support

The contract includes full support during two (2) years in accordance with the terms for Warranty. The support shall be included in the price for the delivery and will not be compensated separately. The supplier shall upon request supply continued service during the equipment´s technical life span and at least two (2) years after the manufacturing has ceased. The cost for continued service must not exceed the suppliers regular pricing.


5.1 Evaluation

The evaluation of tenders will be conducted based on the information given in the tenders. Only tenders that fulfill all requirements will be evaluated.

The award of the contract will be based on the most economically advantageous tenders as stated below:

the most economically advantageous tender on the basis of best evaluation price, as stated below.

The evaluation price is calculated by deducting added values from the offered price. The evaluation price is only used for evaluation. The tender prices are to be valid in the forthcoming contract.

If more than one tender has the same evaluation price, the contract will be awarded to the tenderer which has the highest added values.

If more than one tender has the same evaluation price, and the same added values, a lottery will be used to determine which tenderer that shall be awarded the contract.

5.2 Price               

The tender must include all requested information regarding price as follows. Please note that the volumes in this procurement is an approximation of the contract value and does not infer any right to any volumes during the contract period. 

Any and all necessary parts for the assignment/ delivery must be included in the price, if not specifically stated otherwise. The price must also include all necessary costs for the assignment, e.g. travel expenses, equipment.

Specify the price

Specify the price for the option of three (3) years service

State the prices that the tender must include.

5.3 Added values

The evaluation model uses added values to calculate an evaluation price. Tenders which fulfill added values are given a deduction from the offered price when evaluated.

To attain the added value for a criteria the tender must contain a clear statement that the criteria in question will be met during the contract period and, if and when it is required, the other information and/ or documentation to show that the criteria is met.

The following added values will be considered when calculating the evaluation price:

Fulfillment of Criterium 1 “The fraction collector should handle around 100 16*150 or 18*150 mm tubes” corresponds to an added value of 5000 SEK.

Fulfillment of Criterium 2 ” The software should indicate where the problem is detected.” corresponds to an added value of 5000 SEK.

SU will start to evaluate up to 3 systems regarding userfriendliness. Three tenders with the most economically advantageous offer taken into account the offered price and subtract ev added values (point 1 and 2) will be evaluated as a start. We will continue to evaluate the remaining tenderers until we have identified the offer with the lowest evaluation price to identify the most economically advantageous tender overall.

Evaluation criteria 3 “On-site usability evaluation”

Researchers from SciLifeLab DDD will perform an on-site usability evaluation. The test includes a visit and practical test using a representative instrument suggested by the tenderer. SU will contact the tenderer to plan for the visit. Each party will cover their own travel expenses. See attachment, “Usability test” for more information.

The following levels of assessment can be achieved:

Highest level - excellent usability

Accepted level - expected usability

Lowest level - usability does not support the intended use

Tenders who achieve the highest level of assessment, excellent usability, will receive a deduction of 120 000 SEK.

Tenders who achieve the accepted level of assessment, expected usability, will not receive a deduction.

Tenders must achieve at least the accepted level of assessment, to be awarded the contract.

The total added value is calculated to 130 000 SEK.

The maximum deduction for fulfillment of added values for criteria is 130 000 SEK.

The contract terms will include all mandatory requirements and those criteria offered by the supplier.

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