Stockholms Universitet Multiphoton Instruments with accessory equipment for IVM

Multiphoton Instruments with accessory equipment for IVM

Stockholms universitet, Stockholm

The new Experimental Core Facility, (ECF) will incorporate an advanced imaging facility based on two-photon intravital microscopy called Intravital Microscopy Stockholm University (IVMSU). The two-photon imaging technique allows visualization and analysis of processes at cellular and subcellular levels at high resolution.

For Imaging, sections I-IV

- Two general purpose microscope stands; one inverted and one upright with objective lenses

- Multiphoton laser system

- Switch equipment for turn-key shifting of laser light between the two stands

- Single photon lasers

- Vibration-safe optical table

- Demountable sample-stage for each system

- Scanners for each system

- Detectors

- Computers and Software

- System for FLIM/FRET analysis (TCSPC), optional for the inverted stage only

For Surgery, section V

- Dissection microscope

General, section VI

- extra full software licenses

- training program on the operation of ALL parts of the system

- service contracts

- software upgrades and new technology

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