Stockholms Universitet Ion source for positive atomic and cluster ions

Ion source for positive atomic and cluster ions

Stockholms universitet, Stockholm

Stockholm University is looking to purchase a reliable high-current ion source that can deliver positive metal cluster ions and that can produce high currents (100s of µA) of essentially all singly charged atomic positive ions and µAs of doubly charged ions.

Quality management

The tenderer must apply a quality management system with continuous improvements that ensures that the agreed quality is met.

The system must include at least the following:



procedures and forms for internal monitoring of the quality management system.

procedure for handling deviations and complaints

procedure for handling absences of personnel

The tenderer must have a description ready to show that this requirement is met, either

a certification, conforming to standard SS-EN ISO 9001: 2015, or

an equivalent of a certification as above, or in the form of an own documented quality management system.

The description may be submitted with the tender, or upon Stockholm University´s request. The document must be provided within five workdays from the request.

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