Stockholms Universitet Integrating Management Information Systems for Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Sciences

Integrating Management Information Systems for Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Sciences

Stockholms universitet, Stockholm

Integrating Management Information Systems for Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Sciences - MUHAS

General information

Contact person: Magdalena Pers Färjemark

Institution/similar: SPIDER / Department of computer and systems science  

Direct award regarding: Service

Estimated value: Max 100 000 SEK    

Questions answered through:

Last day for questions: 20180524, noon CET.

Last day for tendering: 20180531, 23:59 CET.

The tender validity time is until 20180630.

The agreement is valid from 20180201 until 20180630


Stockholm University cannot guarantee that this procurement will result in an agreement. The invitation to tender might be withdrawn if all tenders exceed available funding or we do not receive any acceptable tenders.

The procurement will be withdrawn if tender prices exceed 100 000 SEK, which is the upper limit for procurement according the direct award procedure.

Tenders must entirely be in accordance with this invitation to tender. Reservations are not accepted.


Stockholm University (SU) is inviting you to tender for the service of integrating Management Information Systems with Tanzania University partner, Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Sciences (MUHAS). The expected output at the end of the integrated Management Information Systems is a single sign on for information systems MUHAS Staff and students. Through the sub-programme, Library and ICT, (Swedish Program for ICT in Developing Regions – a center at SU) SPIDER and MUHAS are expected to deliver user friendly information systems to MUHAS staff and students.


Stockholm University (Department of Computer and Systems Sciences –DSV) has an agreement with Sida to give support to the development of a robust IT infrastructure at MUHAS. In addition to improving the IT systems and infrastructure at MUHAS. SPIDER and DSV will assist the Directorate of ICT in integrating the key information systems at MUHAS. The project period is 2015-2020.

DSV contributes to the project with advice and support on project plans and methods. More specifically DSV through the SPIDER center provides expert knowledge when required.

MUHAS identifies the need of an expert, (see attached - Terms of Reference (ToR) for contracting and then SPIDER/DSV identify expert candidates through tender invitations.

As part of MUHAS’s component Support to Library and ICTs, the co-principal investigator (PI) Dr. Felix Sukums, expressed the need for experts in systems integration to assist MUHAS in integrating six key information systems in use at the university.

Evaluation of Tenders

     The most qualified and economically advantageous offer will be accepted: 

Tenders are to be evaluated according to the following award criteria

1. Quality of resume stating experience with Information Systems development and integration.

2. Availability of the systems integration expert(s)

3. Price

Requirements on the supplier:

Only tenders from registered companies in the country where the supplier is established will be accepted.

The tenderer must also be registered for reporting and paying VAT, value-added tax in Sweden or in the home country. They must have legally stipulated requirements in connection with their registration, tax and fee obligations. The tenderer may not have any debts regarding social fees and taxes.

With regard to Swedish tenderers Stockholm University will obtain information from the Swedish Tax Agency (“Skatteverket”) concerning fulfillment of liabilities concerning taxes and social fees. Swedish tenderers do not need to attach any documentation to confirm the fulfillment.

Foreign tenderers must, append corresponding certificates in Swedish or English from official authorities in their home countries confirming their fulfillment regarding registration in professional or commercial register and fulfillment of payment of all prescribed taxes and social fees stated above.

Crime or serious faults in exercising the profession

A review regarding exclusion of the tenderer will be performed according to 10 Chapter 1-4§ LOU

A tenderer will be excluded if conditions according to 10 Chapter 1 § and/or 2 § LOU are valid.

Requirements regarding ability and capacity

The tenderer must have the ability and capacity in order to supply the product and/or the service asked for. 

The tenderer will verify this by giving a short description of the company its organization, size and competence of relevant personnel.


If the tenderer intends to engage subcontractors in order to accomplish any parts of the delivery, then a list with the name of subcontractors and the parts of the delivery which they will perform must be included in the tender.

The tenderer is responsible of any subcontracting staff and work to the same extent as of their own parts. Subcontractors must meet the same requirements as the tenderer.

The list must contain:

Information about the subcontractor

List the parts of deliveries which will be accomplished by subcontractors.


State references from earlier projects or deliveries that have been accomplished during the last three years (name/company, contact person and telephone or E-mail address) will be used to qualify tenderer.

Economic and financial status

The same requirements are valid for Swedish and foreign tenderers.

The tenderer must have such a stable economy and be financially sound to perform the commission without any risk of disturbances caused by poor economy.

Stockholm University will make a review of the tenderer’s economic and financial position through the Business-and Credit information company Soliditet’s risk rating.

If the tenderer fulfills a rating corresponding to B or better, the requirement regarding economic and financial state is fulfilled. If the tenderer does not have the requested credit rating, then the requirement regarding economic stability is regarded as not fulfilled and the tender is not qualified for evaluation.

Exceptions from the requirement regarding rating of risk might be possible if the company for some special reason have difficulty to meet the requirement. If the rating is less than the accepted value then Stockholm University will ask for an explanation and / or certificate that clearly shows that the tenderer has similar economic stability. 

Requirement of the service


To collaborate with the Directorate of ICT at MUHAS in integrating the key management information systems at the university in Tanzania with the following general and specific objectives:

General Objective:

To integrate six key management information systems and establish a single sign on for all the information systems in use at MUHAS.

Specific objectives

a) Review the Management Information Systems to establish single sign-on, or a centralized user management system

b) Integrate six key management information systems including a centralized user management system, Students’ Academic Record Information System (SARIS), Library and Federated Search Systems, Finance and E-learning Management Systems

c) Train MUHAS ICT Team during the implementation process to build their capacity in maintaining and sustaining the integrated systems.

Required attachments:

- Your work proposal in English.

- Budget incl. fees for each item such as facilitation, travel costs, accommodation, materials, insurance etc.

- Preferred week(s) between February and July 2018.    

- CV

- References

- Proof of registered company.           

Commercial terms and conditions- concept agreement

Other standard terms and conditions than those specified in the concept agreement are not accepted.

The Tenderer must accept terms and conditions in the attached Concept Agreement. A Tender with any reservations or changes in the Concept Agreement will not be accepted for further evaluation.

See attached Concept Agreement which is the base to the final Agreement between the Tenderer and Stockholm University.


The main rule is that anybody who desires to take part of the procurement documentation has the right to do so.

All information in the tenders including enclosures, in paper and/or electronic documents are absolute confidential until an award decision or decision to withdraw the procurement process is made public. After the award decision or a decision to withdraw the procurement process is made public, information in the tender documents including enclosures can remain confidential if they concern individual business or operational activities, if for special reason it is presumed that the individual may suffer damage if the information is made public.

Stockholm University will review any desires to keep contents of tenders confidential. The tenderers are asked to specify in writing any information in the tender that is desired to be kept confidential and to specify the damage the individual might suffer if the information is made public. Nota bene that Stockholm University never can guaranty that any parts of the tender can be kept confidential and that a review will be performed for each case.

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