Stockholms Universitet Global Resilience Partnership Outreach and Partnership Engagement on Resilience

Global Resilience Partnership Outreach and Partnership Engagement on Resilience

Stockholms universitet, Stockholm


1.1 About Stockholm University

Stockholm University, in the capital of Sweden, is one of Europe´s leading centers for higher education and research in human natural science and science. Currently, the university has 29 300 students, 1 400 doctoral students, and 5 700 members of staff.

Contracts with Stockholm University are also applicable for all parts of the University, institutions, foundations and other organizations affiliated with Stockholm University.

More information about Stockholm University is available on the Stockholm University website:

1.2 Background and scope

This position is recruited as a secondment from Global Resilience Partnership into Race to Resilience Climate Champions Team from June/July 2022 to April 2023.

This position is full time but split in a complementary fashion between support to Climate Champions Team on story-telling/narrative building (3 days/week) and providing support to Resilience Hub at COP27 on Race to Resilience partnership engagement (2 days/week). 

The Climate Champions Team provides support to the UNFCCC High Level Climate Champions to deliver on the mandate from Parties: to drive climate action and enhance ambition by non-state actors. Working with the Marrakech Partnership and other partners, we mobilise businesses, investors, cities, regions and civil society and act as a bridge between non-state actors and national governments to reach the goals of the Paris Agreement. At COP26, the two serving High Level Climate Champions launched a five year plan to deliver on the mandate from Parties. It sets out objectives and details of the tools employed to achieve them, across six key functions for the work of the Climate Champions Team for the period 2021 - 2025.

The global team is resourced to support the major campaigns Race to Zero, Race to Resilience, Glasgow Finance Alliance for Net Zero (GFANZ), as well as sector-focused systems transformation using the Climate Action Pathways, and 2030 Breakthroughs. Alongside this, we are continuing to strengthen the accountability mechanisms of the campaigns and assess the overall state of systems transformation as we prepare to support the global stocktake. 

COP27 offers a unique moment to drive transformational change, scaling action for climate-vulnerable communities, and mobilising finance to developing and emerging economies, to move from ambition to implementation and halve global emissions and protect four billion people from climate impacts by 2030.

Outreach and Engagement will work alongside the sector leads to identify and integrate their contribution to climate resilience as well as engaging with key partners to enhance resilience strategies along their work. It is a role that provides an opportunity to work at what is arguably the most pressing challenge in the world today, and it will suit you if you are mission driven and thrive in fast-paced, ever-evolving and diverse teams.

Background (GRP)

The Global Resilience Partnership (GRP) is a diverse partnership of more than 60 organisations joining forces to build a resilient future where vulnerable people and places are able to thrive in the face of shocks, uncertainty and change. GRP believes that resilience underpins sustainable development in an increasingly unpredictable world. By bringing together a broad range of actors from different organisations and sectors, GRP creates a platform for sharing best practices and promoting learning from each other. For more information on GRP, see

Please see the Requirement specification for more information.

1.3 Contract

Stockholm University intends to enter into contract with a single supplier.

June/July 2022 to April 2023

1.4 Direct award procurement

The procurement will be conducted as a direct award procurement, in accordance with the Swedish Public Procurement Act (2016:1145). Some negotiations, clarifications and additions are possible when minor, but only by request of Stockholm University. The tender must therefore be complete when submitted. 

The tenders will be opened after the last day of tender. Only tenders who fulfill all requirements will be evaluated. Evaluation will be conducted as shown in “Evaluation and Award decision”. All tenderers will be informed of the award decision through Mercell Direktupphandling. The awarding of contract does not constitute a binding agreement. A binding contract will be entered into by signature of both parties.

The procurement is concluded when a binding contract has been entered into, or when the procurement has been otherwise closed.

Stockholm University has the right to discontinue the procurement if and when the tenders essentially exceed the budget for the procurement and/ or when essential changes of Stockholm University´s need has occurred.

1.5 About the procurement documents 

The word "must" indicate a mandatory requirement which must be accepted. In some cases the mandatory requirement includes a demand of a description and/or documents in addition to a confirmation that the requirement is met. The tender must then also include the adequate information. Tenders which do not meet all of the mandatory requirements at the appropriate time will not be accepted.

The word "should" is used for criteria. Fulfillment of criteria are optional, and show added values for Stockholm University. Fulfillment of criteria may be shown by acceptance, or with added information, as requested. Fulfillment of criteria will be used in the evaluation as stated in "Evaluation and Award decision".

1.6 Confidentiality

All correspondence and information related to the tendering process is confidential until an award decision is made public and/or the procurement is closed in another way. After this all correspondence and information are made public and available on request in accordance with the principle of public access to official records.

Information concerning an individual company’s business or operating conditions in the tender may however remain confidential if there are special reasons to assume that the company is likely to suffer damage if the information is disclosed. Tenderers who wish to have information remain confidential may request continued confidentiality. The request for confidentiality should include which information that requires confidentiality, the reasons for this and which damage that is likely to be the result of disclosure of the information.

A decision regarding whether the information shall be disclosed or not will be made by Stockholm University when someone wishes to take part of the information. Stockholm University cannot however guarantee requested confidentiality. Please note that information that are the basis for awarding of contract can be protected only if and when there are special circumstances.

Please state wether the tenderer request confidentiality. If confidentiality is requested, the tenderer should specify the parts of the tender to be kept confidential and which damage they may suffer if the information is disclosed.      

1.7 Personal data

Stockholm University is responsible for all personal data that are included in the procurement process, e.g. the names of contact persons and consultants. Handling of personal data are necessary in both the procurement process and when entering into contract.

The tenderer must ensure that enclosure of personal data in the tender are in accordance with relevant legislation. (E.g. Dataskyddsförordningen (EU) 2016/679 and Dataskyddslagen (2018:218).) and any and all necessary permissions of relevant personnel and/ or other parties are met before submitting the personal data in the tender.

By submitting the tender, the tenderer accepts Stockholm University´s handling of all submitted personal data when necessary for the procurement process and for entering into contract.

2.Tender requirements

2.1 Instructions for a complete tender             

The tender must indicate that all the mandatory requirements stated in the tender documents are met.

Stockholm University reserves the right to accept the whole tender, or the parts of the tender which are in accordance with the stated requirements.

2.2 Format of the tender                 

The tender must be submitted in English. If and when a document is in English. 

The tender must be given as requested in this document. Answers should be given in the required way. Answers can be given in enclosed documents if there is a clear reference to this.

2.3 Subcontractors   

A tenderer may use subcontractors for the delivery of services and supplies. A tenderer who wishes to use one or more subcontractors for part of the delivery, in accordance with LOU 14:6, directly to Stockholm University, must include information regarding this. 

Any subcontractor must fulfill all mandatory requirements as the tenderer. The tenderer is fully responsible as for their own, for any and all work/ deliveries that are made through/ by a subcontractor. 

2.4 Price

The tender must include all requested information regarding price as stated in section 5. Evaluation and awarding of contract.

All tender prices must be stated in SEK excluding value added tax (VAT) and must not include any other adjustments than those stated in the contractual terms and conditions.

All necessary parts for the assignment must be included in the price, if not specifically stated otherwise.

2.5 Complementary or additional information                    

The tenderer may ask for clarifications of the procurement documents through Mercell Direktupphandling. This should take place as soon as possible since the complementary or additional information will take precedence before the original terms.

All complementary and additional information will be published in Mercell Direktupphandlng. Stockholm University will publish complementary and additional information no later than five days before last day for tender. 

Send your inquiry to, no later than 2022-06-15

2.6 Submission of tender 

Please make sure that all mandatory requirements are fully met before submitting the Tender. 

The Tender must be sent through Mercell Direktupphanlding. The tenderer must registrer with the identification number and by an authorized submitter. 

The Tender must be submitted no later than 2022-06-19 Tenders received after the deadline for submission of tenders will not be reviewed by Stockholm University.

2.7 Period of validity of the tender             

The tender must be valid until 2022-12-31

2.8 Contractual Terms and Conditions

Stockholm University intends to enter into contract as is shown in Contractual Terms and Conditions. The terms and conditions must be accepted as is. A tender that includes terms and/ or conditions in contradiction of the stated contractual terms and conditions will not be accepted.

The tender may include complementing terms and conditions. Such will only be valid if and when Stockholm University has given its written approval, and only in parts that are not contradicted by any terms and conditions given in this procurement. 

3.Requirements of tenderers

3.1 Information regarding the tenderer

Information regarding the tenderer must be registrered at the account in Mercell Direktupphandling. Please ensure that the following information are correct: full name and idefication numer, form of business/ company, postal address, visiting address, telephone number, e-mail and website. 

The tender must include information of authorized signatory/ signatories. .

3.2 Registration control                 

The tenderer must meet any demands, and be free of any debts, regarding the legal requirements concerning preliminary income tax (A-skatt), employer contributions, and corporate tax (F-skatt) in Sweden or in the home country.

Foreign tenderers must supply the corresponding certificates from their home country, translated into English, confirming that they meet the legal requirements concerning registration and taxes as described above, no more than five workdays from Stockholm University´s request.

The documentation must be dated no more than two months before the submission of tender.

3.3 Financial capacity                     

The tenderers financial capacity must be adequate for the assignment. The financial capacity is deemed adequate when the tenderer attains the score "creditworthy" (40) by CreditSafe i Sverige AB. Stockholm University will, if possible, conduct control of this via CreditSafe i Sverige AB.

A tenderer which cannot be controlled via CreditSafe i Sverige AB, must provide confirmation of corresponding credit by submitting a certificate from another credit reference agency. If this is not possible, the confirmation may be given by another independent party, e.g. an auditor. Such confirmation must be provided no later than five days from Stockholm University´s request.

3.4 Electronic invoice

The tenderer must send e-invoices. If electronic messages cannot be sent according to the standards describe in SFTI, the supplier can register their invoice at a web portal designated by Stockholm University.

For more information see:

3.5 Environmental management system

Stockholm University´s objective of environmental work is to contribute to a sustainable development. Through continuous improvements, Stockholm University will work to ensure that the highest possible environmental considerations are taken into account.

The tenderer must work in accordance with an environmental management system with continuous improvements and in accordance with applicable legal requirements.

3.6 Quality management

The tenderer must apply a quality management system with continuous improvements that ensures that the agreed quality is met.

The tenderer must submit a description to show that this requirement is met, either a certificate, conforming to standard SS-EN ISO 9001: 2015 or an equivalent of a certification as above, or in the form of an own documented quality management system.


4.1 Services

The supplier must provide

Overview of the role:

As the climate community readies itself for COP27 for what is being described as an ‘all of Africa COP’, we are recruiting a talented Outreach and Partnership Engagement officer from the MENA region to help deliver high impact outputs, which shape the narrative this year and showcase implementation of adaptation and resilience solutions on the ground.

You will help gather and digest stories on actions and solutions from Race to Resilience partners and from that help create compelling content that highlights action on the ground. In complementary fashion, you will build on your engagement with Race to Resilience Partners to coordinate their input into and collaboration with COP27 Resilience Hub, including highlighting resilience stories as part of drumbeat leading up to COP27.

As part of the main tasks for Climate Champions team, you will:

In coordination with Race to Resilience team manager, engage with R2R partners; understand their current commitments and actions on adaptation and resilience and help capture that in compelling and easy-to-digest formats to inform and strengthen efforts to accelerate climate action;

Identify opportunities for closer engagement with partners from the Global South and ways to capture their action on the ground;

Work with Strategic Communications team to identify different engaging formats to capture and present solution-oriented stories on resilience and adaptation;

Ensue that key solution stories are inputted and captured by the overall Strategic Comms dissemination efforts. 

As part of the main tasks for Resilience Hub, you will:

Engage with Race to Resilience partners and broader community to determine, discuss and coordinate their engagement into Resilience Hub;

Coordinate Race to Resilience partners’ input into Regional Resilience Hubs, including supporting on event follow through;

Work closely with Strategic Comms team across two team (Climate Champions and Resilience Hub) to identify opportunities on work being done around stories from the frontline, as part of overall effort of building solution-oriented narrative and drumbeat to COP27;

Coordinate the overlapping work streams between Climate Champions team and Resilience Hub (especially as it relates to partnership engagements and comms);

Update Climate Champions Team on progress re Resilience Hub and vice versa;

Support Resilience Hub programming lead with overall Resilience Hub programme work as needed  

As this is a dynamic task, the responsibilities are not set in stone. Rather, we expect the post holder to be adaptable and help develop the function in line with the changing requirements.

About you

You will be a highly motivated self-starter – based in the MENA region – willing to work across different time zones and cultures in a high-profile, fast-paced and exciting environment.

The service must comply with all requirements and with the criteria that has been offered by the supplier.

The supplier must accept all requirements in this procurement. The supplier must submit all information and documents that are required to show how the requirements are fulfilled.

The supplier must show which of the criteria that are included in the offer. The supplier must submit all information and documents that are required to show how the criteria are fulfilled. Fulfillment of criteria will be awarded added value as stated in 5. Evaluation and Award decision.

4.2  Time for the delivery

June/july 2022  All deliverables completed by April 2023


5.1 Evaluation

The evaluation of tenders will be conducted based on the information given in the tenders. Only tenders that fulfill all requirements will be evaluated.

The following requirements are essential:

You are very skilled and experienced in building coalitions and fostering collaboration across a wide range of stakeholders, including senior government officials, the private sector and civil society actors.

Experience in a partnership engagement and/or communication role, preferably at an environmental or sustainable development nonprofit or another mission-based organization

Excellent written and verbal communications skills including experience in producing high quality materials

Deep subject matter expertise in climate change/ sustainability / adaptation and resilience issues which you can draw upon to produce well-informed content

Experience in or with UN processes considered an asset;

Excellent engagement and networking skills including stakeholder engagement to source, digest and capture high impact solutions from the ground into compelling, easy-to-digest narrative

Excellent team, process and project management skills, with ability to juggle multiple priorities and deadlines, and bring out the best in a diverse team across a broad range of global geographies and time zones

Ability to pursue long-term objectives by translating them into short-term goals

Fluency in English; fluency in Arabic (or another language) considered an asset.

Based in MENA region

5.2 Price               

The tender must include all requested information regarding price as follows. Please note that the volumes in this procurement is an approximation of the contract value and does not infer any right to any volumes during the contract period. 

Any and all necessary parts for the assignment/ delivery must be included in the price, if not specifically stated otherwise. The price must also include all necessary costs for the assignment, e.g. travel expenses, equipment. 

competitive renumeration in line with industry standard and dependent on level of experience

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