Stockholms Universitet Continuous-wave Ti:Saph laser with automated second-harmonic-generation cavity

Continuous-wave Ti:Saph laser with automated second-harmonic-generation cavity

Stockholms universitet, Stockholm

SU intends to sign an agreement with M Squared Lasers regarding the purchase of a continuous-wave Ti:Saph Laser with a fully automated second-harmonic-generation cavity to provide laser light in the 350-500 nm wavelength range for the manipulation of quantum states in stored molecular ions. The laser from M Squared is the only one offering the necessary combination of high spectral resolution, fast and automated wavelength tuning across this entire range and sufficient laser power for the intended experiments (>400 mW). These unique features are essential for studies of interactions between positive and negative molecular ions stored for extended time periods (of the order of seconds or longer) before their interaction.

The DESIREE facility at Stockholm University is unique in that we study interactions between positive and negative ions that are stored for significant time periods before the interaction. This allows laser manipulation to prepare the ions in specific quantum states as we have demonstrated for small negative molecular ions. To address complex molecular ions such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and fullerenes, we need broadly tunable, easy reproducible, continuous high-power (several 100 mW) and high-spectral-resolution laser light in the wavelength range from 350-500 nm. The SolsTiS and second-harmonic generation (SHG) laser platform from M Squared Lasers offers unique capabilities that fulfil these DESIREE requirements. The Ti:Saph and SHG modules allow to automatically tune the wavelength of the laser rapidly (10s of nm in seconds).

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