Stockholms Universitet Call for IT Policy Developer to Support the analysis and revision of University IT Policies

Call for IT Policy Developer to Support the analysis and revision of University IT Policies

Stockholms universitet, Stockholm


1.1 About Stockholm University

Stockholm University, in the capital of Sweden, is one of Europe´s leading centers for higher education and research in human natural science and science. Currently, the university has 29 300 students, 1 400 doctoral students, and 5 700 members of staff.

Contracts with Stockholm University are also applicable for all parts of the University, institutions, foundations and other organizations affiliated with Stockholm University.

More information about Stockholm University is available on the Stockholm University website:

1.2 Background and scope

The department of Computer and Systems Sciences, through the SPIDER centre (Swedish Program for ICT in Developing Regions), has ongoing bilateral cooperation with Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Sciences (MUHAS), in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. The collaboration with MUHAS focuses on strengthening their ICT and Library services through digitalisation


MUHAS’s ICT Policy and Procedures that include, ICT security Policy, eLearning Policy, and ICT Disaster Recovery Plan, are currently under review, and revision of these policy documents requires external expertise that can ensure compliance with MUHAS’s vision of ”excelling in quality training of health professionals, research and public service with a conducive learning and working environment”. In addition the review and revision process must also comply with Tanzania’s new Government ICT policies, guidelines and standards.

MUHAS has requested support from SPIDER in carrying out the activity to review and revise the following policies:

*ICT Security Policy

*eLearning Policy

*ICT Disaster Recovery Plan

 SPIDER is therefore procuring for the services of a policy analyst, with strong data analytical skills and critical thinking and creativity, as well as strong communication skills.

Organisations submitting their interest in the above expertise, will have documented experience working with ICT policy formulation. Added merit will be experience in operationalising the policies.  

This procurement procedure concerns SPIDER and MUHAS in their work on revising the policies.

Please see the Requirement specification for more information (Attached ToR).

1.3 Contract

Stockholm University intends to enter into contract with a single supplier.

The contract period will be until October, 31 2022.

1.4 Direct award procurement

The procurement will be conducted as a direct award procurement, in accordance with the Swedish Public Procurement Act (2016:1145). Some negotiations, clarifications and additions are possible when minor, but only by request of Stockholm University. The tender must therefore be complete when submitted.

The tenders will be opened after the last day of tender. Only tenders who fulfill all requirements will be evaluated. Evaluation will be conducted as shown in “Evaluation and Award decision”. All tenderers will be informed of the award decision through Mercell  Direktupphandling. The awarding of contract does not constitute a binding agreement. A binding contract will be entered into by signature of both parties.

The procurement is concluded when a binding contract has been entered into, or when the procurement has been otherwise closed.

Stockholm University has the right to discontinue the procurement if and when the tenders essentially exceed the budget for the procurement and/ or when essential changes of Stockholm University´s need has occurred.

1.5 About the procurement documents 

The word "must" indicate a mandatory requirement which must be accepted. In some cases the mandatory requirement includes a demand of a description and/or documents in addition to a confirmation that the requirement is met. The tender must then also include the adequate information. Tenders which do not meet all of the mandatory requirements at the appropriate time will not be accepted.

The word "should" is used for criteria. Fulfillment of criteria are optional, and show added values for Stockholm University. Fulfillment of criteria may be shown by acceptance, or with added information, as requested. Fulfillment of criteria will be used in the evaluation as stated in "Evaluation and Award decision".

1.6 Confidentiality

All correspondence and information related to the tendering process is confidential until an award decision is made public and/or the procurement is closed in another way. After this all correspondence and information are made public and available on request in accordance with the principle of public access to official records.

Information concerning an individual company’s business or operating conditions in the tender may however remain confidential if there are special reasons to assume that the company is likely to suffer damage if the information is disclosed. Tenderers who wish to have information remain confidential may request continued confidentiality. The request for confidentiality should include which information that requires confidentiality, the reasons for this and which damage that is likely to be the result of disclosure of the information.

A decision regarding whether the information shall be disclosed or not will be made by Stockholm University when someone wishes to take part of the information. Stockholm University cannot however guarantee requested confidentiality. Please note that information that are the basis for awarding of contract can be protected only if and when there are special circumstances.

Please state wether the tenderer request confidentiality. If confidentiality is requested, the tenderer should specify the parts of the tender to be kept confidential and which damage they may suffer if the information is disclosed.      

1.7 Personal data

Stockholm University is responsible for all personal data that are included in the procurement process, e.g. the names of contact persons and consultants. Handling of personal data are necessary in both the procurement process and when entering into contract.

The tenderer must ensure that enclosure of personal data in the tender are in accordance with relevant legislation. (E.g. Dataskyddsförordningen (EU) 2016/679 and Dataskyddslagen (2018:218).) and any and all necessary permissions of relevant personnel and/ or other parties are met before submitting the personal data in the tender.

By submitting the tender, the tenderer accepts Stockholm University´s handling of all submitted personal data when necessary for the procurement process and for entering into contract.


2.1 Instructions for a complete tender             

The tender must indicate that all the mandatory requirements stated in the tender documents are met.

Stockholm University reserves the right to accept the whole tender, or the parts of the tender which are in accordance with the stated requirements.

2.2 Format of the tender                 

The tender must be submitted in English. If and when a document is in English, and the meaning of word, term or other, is not clear to Stockholm University, the parties must agree on a specific meaning in Swedish before contract signing.

The tender must be given as requested in this document. Answers should be given in the required way. Answers can be given in enclosed documents if there is a clear reference to this.

2.3 Subcontractors  

A tenderer may use subcontractors for the delivery of services and supplies. A tenderer who wishes to use one or more subcontractors for part of the delivery, in accordance with LOU 14:6, directly to Stockholm University, must include information regarding this.

Any subcontractor must fulfill all mandatory requirements as the tenderer. The tenderer is fully responsible as for their own, for any and all work/ deliveries that are made through/ by a subcontractor.

2.4 Price

The tender must include all requested information regarding price as stated in section 5. Evaluation and awarding of contract.

All tender prices must be stated in SEK excluding value added tax (VAT) and must not include any other adjustments than those stated in the contractual terms and conditions.

All necessary parts for the assignment must be included in the price, such as travel and travel time, accommodation, allowances, costs for computer and mobile phone or the like that are needed for implementation of the assignment. No more costs than stated in the tender will be accepted.

2.5 Complementary or additional information                    

The tenderer may ask for clarifications of the procurement documents through Mercell Direktupphandling. This should take place as soon as possible since the complementary or additional information will take precedence before the original terms.

All complementary and additional information will be published in Mercell Direktupphandlng. Stockholm University will publish complementary and additional information no later than five days before last day for tender. 

Send your questions no later than 2022-05-03, 23.59 CET

Last day for answering questions 2022-05-05, 16.00 CET

2.6 Submission of tender 

Tenders must be submitted electronically via Mercell Direct Procurement.

Tenderers register and create an individual bidder account, which is used to read tender documents, ask questions, etc. and to create and send tenders. The tenderer´s account must be registered with an identical organization number as the tendering company, as well as by the competent tenderer. It is possible to close the account after the procurement has been completed.

Read the procurement documents and tenders carefully to be sure that all the requested information is actually included. Tenders that do not meet all the requirements will not be accepted.

The Tender must be submitted no later than 2022-05-12 23.59 CET Tenders received after the deadline for submission of tenders will not be reviewed by Stockholm University.

2.7 Period of validity of the tender             

The tender must be valid until 2022-08-30

2.8 Contractual Terms and Conditions

Stockholm University intends to enter into contract as is shown in Contractual Terms and Conditions. The terms and conditions must be accepted as is. A tender that includes terms and/ or conditions in contradiction of the stated contractual terms and conditions will not be accepted.

The tender may include complementing terms and conditions. Such will only be valid if and when Stockholm University has given its written approval, and only in parts that are not contradicted by any terms and conditions given in this procurement.


3.1 Information regarding the tenderer

Information regarding the tenderer must be registrered at the account in Mercell Direktupphandling. Please ensure that the following information are correct: full name and idefication numer, form of business/ company, postal address, visiting address, telephone number, e-mail and website. 

The tender must include information of authorized signatory/ signatories.

3.2 Registration control                 

The tenderer must meet any demands, and be free of any debts, regarding the legal requirements concerning preliminary income tax (A-skatt), employer contributions, and corporate tax (F-skatt) in Sweden or in the home country.

Foreign tenderers must supply the corresponding certificates from their home country, translated into Swedish or English, confirming that they meet the legal requirements concerning registration and taxes as described above, no more than five workdays from Stockholm University´s request.

The documentation must be dated no more than two months before the submission of tender.

3.3 Financial capacity                     

The tenderers financial capacity must be adequate for the assignment. The financial capacity is deemed adequate when the tenderer attains the score "creditworthy" (40) by CreditSafe i Sverige AB. Stockholm University will, if possible, conduct control of this via CreditSafe i Sverige AB.

A tenderer which cannot be controlled via CreditSafe i Sverige AB, must provide confirmation of corresponding credit by submitting a certificate from another credit reference agency. If this is not possible, the confirmation may be given by another independent party, e.g. an auditor. Such confirmation must be provided no later than five days from Stockholm University´s request.

3.4 Electronic invoice

The tenderer must send e-invoices. If electronic messages cannot be sent according to the standards describe in SFTI, the supplier can register their invoice at a web portal designated by Stockholm University.

For more information see:

3.5 Environmental management system

Stockholm University´s objective of environmental work is to contribute to a sustainable development. Through continuous improvements, Stockholm University will work to ensure that the highest possible environmental considerations are taken into account.

The tenderer must work in accordance with an environmental management system with continuous improvements and in accordance with applicable legal requirements.

3.6 Quality management

The tenderer must apply a quality management system with continuous improvements that ensures that the agreed quality is met.

The tenderer must submit a description to show that this requirement is met, either a certificate, conforming to standard SS-EN ISO 9001: 2015 or an equivalent of a certification as above, or in the form of an own documented quality management system.

3.7 Technical and professional capacity                  

The tenderer must show sufficient technical and professional capacity for the fulfillment of the contract by submitting the following documentation.

A. The tenderer must state and describe which resources that are available for this assignment, and how the resources will be used to ensure the responsibilities of the contract. Name the description "Name of Tenderer_ Available resources"

B. The tenderer must have concluded several assignments equal to this assignment (see Requirements for the assignment). during the last three years. The assignments must have been concluded with good results.

Describe two assignments equal to this, which have been conducted since 2018.   

C. The tenderer must provide at least 2 dedicated persons for the assignment. The offered persons must be responsible for, and conduct, the assignment. 

The competency of offered personnel must be shown by submission of CV for each person. Please specify which areas each person is offered for, and which previous assignments and/or education that are invoked to show adequate capacity for each requirement.


4.1 Services

The supplier must provide:

*Must be able to commence the assignment immediately no later than June 1st

*Documented evidence of IT policy analysis

*Documented evidence of IT policy development and understanding of Tanzanian government ICT and education policies

*Understanding of ICT and its management

*Documented evidence and experience in ICT policy formulation

*Fluency in English

The service must comply with all requirements and with the criteria that has been offered by the supplier.

The supplier must accept all requirements in this procurement. The supplier must submit all information and documents that are required to show how the requirements are fulfilled.

The supplier must submit the following:

- Your work proposal in English including an activity plan.

- Budget assigned per activity

- Resumes for all those working on the assignment

- Documented proof of previous work in policy development. (2 Samples of previous work)

- References

- Proof of registered company.   

The supplier must show which of the criteria that are included in the offer. The supplier must submit all information and documents that are required to show how the criteria are fulfilled. Fulfillment of criteria will be awarded added value as stated in 5. Evaluation and Award decision.

The supplier must submit the following to show that/ which of the offered criteria are met:


*Budget, assigned per activity

*Proof of registered company

*Communicate the ability to start assignment immediately

*Documented proof of previous work in policy development ( 2 Samples of previous work)

Added value

Willingness to work with MUHAS on-site(include in the work proposal)

4.2 Time for the delivery

Delivered no later than October 31 2022

4.3 Option

MUHAS with support from SU may ask for additional staff to support the assignment, to make sure that the service will be delivered no later than October 31 2022

Stockholm University shall have the right, but no obligation to order the options. The terms shall be as stated in the contract. 

4.4 Service and support

The supplier must provide support in accordance with the Contractual terms and conditions. 

Commitment to Bi-weekly updates to ensure realisation of the assigment by deadline.

Compliance with MUHAS data protection policies. Sharing documentation and communication from MUHAS with third parties must be approved by MUHAS.

4.5 Expected deliverables

    Inception report detailing the approaches, methodology and timelines

    Situational Analysis Report

    Revised MUHAS ICT Policy and Procedures of 2022

    Revised MUHAS ICT Security Policy and Procedures of 2022

    Revised MUHAS eLearning Policy and Procedures of 2022.

      Revised MUHAS ICT Disaster Recovery Plan of 2022.

    MUHAS Guidelines for the use of a Digital platform for centralized research data management, storage     security and sharing.

    Comprehensive Project Implementation report.


5.1 Evaluation

Tenders that meet all the requirements will be evaluated. Examination and evaluation of tenders received will be carried out on the basis of the information that the Tenderer has reported in its tender. Stockholm University will adopt the tender which is the most economically advantageous in terms of the best price-to-quality ratio, as shown by the comparison price. The comparison price is calculated by deducting any added value from the offered price. If two or more tenders have the same comparison price, the tenderer who has received the highest added value will be accepted. If two tenders have offered the same price / comparison price and received the same added value, a draw will determine which tender is to be accepted.

5.2 Price               

The tender must include all requested information regarding price as follows.

Any and all necessary parts for the assignment/ delivery must be included in the price, if not specifically stated otherwise. The price must also include all necessary costs for the assignment, e.g. travel expenses, accommodation and equipment.

5.3 Added values

The evaluation model means that tenders receive price reductions based on how well the criteria are met. In order to assess the added value of the tender (Extra quality), the following will be considered:

Criterion 1 corresponds to an added value / deduction of 20 000 SEK. Maximum added value / deduction is thus 20 000SEK. Agreements will cover all requirements as well as the criteria offered by the tenderer.

See attached document for Budget

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