Lunds universitet ALBA Electrometers

ALBA Electrometers

Lunds universitet, Lund

Manufacture, assemble and test precision measurement system from descriptions in CAD, gerber and BOM fiiles. Total amount 15 units.


MAX IV Laboratory, hereafter MAX IV, is a facility that produces beams of synchrotron light guided in vacuum tubes. To know the position of the beam in the tubes, devices are periodically placed along the beam that generates a small current based on the beam position. To be able to measure this current, MAX IV has joined a collaboration with ALBA, a synchrotron facility in Catalonia, to use their design to produce a number of electrometers. The design, on which the electrometers are based, is the second generation in a row.The previous design has been in use at ALBA for several years.

The electrometer comprises of a number of aluminum parts, circuit boards, a screen, cables and a NUC computer. Some of the mechanical parts and the circuit boards need to be manufactured and the system must be assembled and tested to the level agreed with MAX IV.

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