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Measurement of acoustic rail roughness with trolley

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Request for tender:

Measurement of acoustic rail roughness with trolley

Chalmers Applied Acoustics is carrying out a research project on rolling noise on slab tracks. In this context, a measurement campaign will be carried out in September 2021 at Trafikverkets demonstrator at Gransjö in Northern Sweden, where a new type of slab track is tested. The measurements are financed by Trafikverket. The measurement campaign includes, amongst others, acoustic pass-by measurements (separate call for tenders) and detailed measurement of rail roughness at the test site. Tenders are invited here for the rail roughness measurements.

Requirements specifications of goods/services

The purchase must include the following products/commitments/services:


The measurement location has the address

Trafikplats Gransjö, S-961 92 Boden, Sweden  

On google maps

Time:The measurements are planned for the period from week 37 to week 39.

Required measurements:

Rail roughness measurements have to be carried out both at the 60-m long slab track section and at a reference section with ballasted track in close vicinity to the slab track section. The exact location of the reference section will be decided in situ by Chalmers.

Measurement on both rails in both sections over a distance of at least 60 m

Measurement in parallel lines with 1 mm lateral distance. At least the whole running band needs to be measured and at least 30 parallel lines

The spatial resolution along the rail must be <= 1mm

The measurement needs to be synchronized between the different lines on one rail and between the two rails in one section. Our aim is to combine the measurements in different lines to obtain a 3D roughness profile.

Roughness wavelength range covered at least 2 mm – 50 cm

Amplitude resolution <=0.01 micrometer

Further information and requirements:

- Delivery of the data as calibrated spatial raw data of displacement with all necessary information for continued processing, analysis and evaluation; The delivered data format has to be readable in Matlab.

- Trafikverket takes care of the security arrangements during the measurements.

- The measurements are planned for the period from week 37 to week 39. The exact date can only be determined in consultation with Chalmers and with short notice since coordination is required with the acoustic pass-by measurements that are weather dependent (rain, wind, snow). The rail roughness measurements must be carried out as close in time as possible after the acoustic pass-by measurements with a maximum time lag of 1 week. The consultant is responsible that the rail roughness measurements are carried out under suitable weather conditions.

- Maximum price 50 000 SEK. This price includes all costs of the assignment including costs caused by short-notice planning and changes due to bad weather as described above. 


Price shall be submitted in SEK excluding VAT and include all related costs requested in this request for tender.

Agreement terms

The supplier must accept all agreement terms.

Tender submission

The tender must be received no later than 2021-08-01.

The tender shall be valid until 2021-10-01.

Questions during the tender period

Questions should only be asked via the function "Questions and answers" in Mercell Direct Procurement.

OBSERVE: Due to holiday times, last day for questions will be 2021-07-19. Questions will be answered 6 days before the last day for tender.

Evaluation of tenders

The most economically advantageous tender (i.e. an assessment of price, quality, service etc.) will be chosen.

Description of the criteria that will be assessed (in the prioritized order):

1. Quality of the measurement in terms of fulfillment of the specified requirements on spatial resolution, amplitude resolution, wavelength range and synchronization as well as achievable documented accuracy and precision of the roughness measurement. Provide the technical specifications of the measurement device.

measurement. Provide the technical specifications of the measurement device.

2. Competence and capability to carry out continuous measurements of acoustic rail roughness over distances of several tens of meters as specified in this document. Competence and capability must be demonstrated by providing the educational background and a CV of the person(s) that will carry out the measurements and by demonstrating previous experience with such measurements (describe your previous experience with such measurements and provide three reference projects with contact details of corresponding reference persons).

3. Competence and capability to cooperate with academia in the planning and execution of measurements demonstrated with references

4. Price.

It is a reference group at Architecture and Civil Engineering, division of Applied Acoustics, that will evaluate the required competence.

Confidentiality and the freedom of information principle

After the procurement has been terminated the principle of public access to official records applies. This means that all documents related to the procurement process become public and may be disclosed to anyone who requests access to them. Exceptions may only be made if there is any specific reason to believe that the Tenderer may suffer damage if the information is disclosed.

If you have information that you feel is of such nature, your tender shall include precise details of which information should remain confidential, and how you would suffer damage in case of the public disclosure of this information. Chalmers will evaluate your request and determine whether confidentiality in accordance with Swedish law may be deemed to apply.

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