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Infrared (MWIR/LWIR) camera

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Request for tender: Infrared (MWIR/LWIR) camera

Description of goods/services

Chalmers Laboratory of Fluids and Thermal Sciences is acquiring a new IR camera for steady state and transient aerothermal studies in the laboratory. The IR camera will be used indoor at room temperature of 15—25 °C with test objects at temperatures of 15—80 °C.

Requirements specifications of goods/services

The requirements for the camera are stated below. Performance better than the specified value will be judged positively in accordance with comments given in parentheses.

1. The camera must have a full frame capture sensor. Sequential array type sensors will not be considered.

2. The camera must have a resolution of 320×256 pix2 or equivalent (larger is preferred).

3. The camera must have a sensitivity of 25 NETD at 30 °C (lower is preferred).

4. The camera must be able to take and store at least 1 000 images with a recording rate of 100 Hz at full frame with possibility for subframe capture up to 1.5 kHz (faster is preferred).

5. The camera must have an integration time of 2—3 ms or lower for a 30 °C hot blackbody and a saturation level of 60—80%.

6. The camera must have a dynamic range of 14-bit (higher is better).

7. The camera must have a possibility to trigger image acquisition externally.

8. The quotation should include a wide-angle lens with equivalent focal length of 13-25 mm.

9. It must be possible to export raw pixel data and calculated temperature fields in a software-neutral format readable by Mathworks Matlab (data exchange with Matlab is an advantage).

10. It is advantageous if the camera will have a pre-calibration for indoor use at room temperature of 15—25 °C and for test objects at –20—300 °C.

11. It is advantageous if the camera will have a support for National Instruments drivers.

12. The system must fulfil all legal regulations on safety and health. ELSÄK-FS 2007:1 or comparable European standard applies. Electrical connection must be for 220/230 V AC, 50 Hz. Any necessary transformers must be included.

13. Chalmers must have the possibility to purchase spare parts and perform reparation for a period of at least seven (10) years after delivery.

14. Detailed documentation covering all delivered equipment, its operation, maintenance and service in English and/or Swedish must be provided.

15. Delivery is requested as soon as possible. Estimated delivery time must be provided in the quotation and must be no later than 15 weeks from order (or longer if agreed with Chalmers).

16. The warranty must be a full guarantee, meaning that the supplier shall pay all costs of corrective measures during the term of the warranty. The warranty shall take effect from the approved delivery date for minimum one year. If, because of defects or malfunctions notified by the supplier, the system is unusable for a period of more than 10 working days during a warranty period, the warranty period should be prolonged, provided that the standstill is not due to the user. The prolongation should correspond to the total standstill period.

17. All prices must be provided in SEK excluding VAT. The price shall be fixed and not be adjusted according to any index, exchange rate or otherwise. The price must include delivery DDP Chalmers, Göteborg.

18. Acceptance test on-site. The supplier and Chalmers in co-operation shall perform a test of the equipment operation in Chalmers’ laboratory. The checks include the installation and the function of the equipment as well as agreed performance specifications and the requested documentation. After successfully have passed the acceptance test on-site, the delivered equipment shall be at Chalmers’ unrestricted disposal for a period of one month. If the equipment will operate according to the specifications and without faults and malfunctions during this period, the test period is approved. If not, the faults or malfunctions must be amended and another test period of one month must be completed successfully before approval. Three test periods of one month will be a maximum. Final acceptance of the equipment requires that all agreed tests and one test period is approved (the final acceptance test.) If the equipment cannot be finally accepted after three test periods, the equipment will be returned to the supplier and payment returned to Chalmers.

Quotations exceeding equivalent of 600.000 SEK willn ot be considered.


Price shall be submitted in SEK excluding VAT and include all related costs requested in this request for tender. 

Agreement terms

The supplier must accept all agreement terms.

Tender submission

The tender must be received no later than September 24, 2021

The tender shall be valid until October 24, 2021

Evaluation of tenders

The most economically advantageous tender (i.e. an assessment of price, quality, service etc.) will be chosen in accordance to fulfillment of requirements (and preferences) in the description of the product.

Confidentiality and the freedom of information principle

After the procurement has been terminated the principle of public access to official records applies. This means that all documents related to the procurement process become public and may be disclosed to anyone who requests access to them. Exceptions may only be made if there is any specific reason to believe that the Tenderer may suffer damage if the information is disclosed.

If you have information that you feel is of such nature, your tender shall include precise details of which information should remain confidential, and how you would suffer damage in case of the public disclosure of this information. Chalmers will evaluate your request and determine whether confidentiality in accordance with Swedish law may be deemed to apply.

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