Chalmers tekniska högskola 240211 Vacuum system and bin tipper

240211 Vacuum system and bin tipper

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Direct award

Request for tender:

Description of goods/services

Vacuum system and bin tipper

Requirements specifications of goods/services

The purchase must include the following products/commitments/services:


Price shall be submitted in EUR excluding VAT and include all related costs requested in this request for tender.

44 000 EUR

Agreement terms

The supplier must accept all agreement terms.

Evaluation of tenders

The most economically advantageous tender (i.e. an assessment of price, quality, service etc.) will be chosen.

Description of the criteria that will be assessed (in the prioritized order):

Vacuum system

Description and application:

Vacuum system consists of 1 vacuum tank, 1 vacuum pump and piping to cutting machine. System is designed to remove fish entrails by vacuum suction force and accumulate them into vacuum tank.

Tank features two-gate outfeed chute to maintain vacuum pressure while removing excess waste to bins or designated waste collection unit provided by customer.

Main benefits:

Higher gut removal efficiency

Automatic emptying function

Reduced noise level

Ergonomic and hygienic design

Operating principle:

Vacuum system must be connected to fish nobbing machine’s vacuum collector to start operation. Vacuum system is integrated in fully automatic nobbing line and can be started manually or in automatic setting by starting the whole line simultaneously.

It is recommended to place vacuum pump in separate room or further away from nobbing line to reduce noise level, but never further than 30 meters away.

Bin Tipper


Bin tipper is used for loading of various processing system types, mainly hopper-elevators of fish grading, nobbing, filleting and other value-added processing units. The use of bin tippers allows easier handling of fish or other product containers by hydraulic tipping system.

Main benefits:

Controllable product infeed

Safer and more convenient operation

Easier maintenance and cleaning

Stainless steel construction

Get rid of forklifts inside production area

Operating principle:

Bins with product is delivered to container tipper that is stationed at processing line by forklifts. Empty bins are removed from tipper in the same manner.

Operator can start the tipping process by holding the “UP” button on control unit. For safety whenever the button is released, the tipping process stops. Empty bins can be lowered by pressing and holding the “DOWN” button.

Confidentiality and the freedom of information principle

After the procurement has been terminated the principle of public access to official records applies. This means that all documents related to the procurement process become public and may be disclosed to anyone who requests access to them. Exceptions may only be made if there is any specific reason to believe that the Tenderer may suffer damage if the information is disclosed.

If you have information that you feel is of such nature, your tender shall include precise details of which information should remain confidential, and how you would suffer damage in case of the public disclosure of this information. Chalmers will evaluate your request and determine whether confidentiality in accordance with Swedish law may be deemed to apply.

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240211 Vacuum system