About public procurement

Public procurement in the European Union has an annual turnover of over 1,500 billion euro. The buyers are secure payers and often have a need for goods and services even in a recession.

Public procurement exists to make the best possible use of public means. The legislation encourages fair competition among companies throughout the European Union. There are business opportunities here, if you find the contracts suitable for you and if you know how to write your tenders.


Find business opportunities

How do you find the interesting business opportunities within public procurement among thousands of contracts? All public contracts that exceed a certain threshold value must be advertised and published in the Official Journal S series, which can be found through the TED database. Read more about TED here.


You can monitor these contracts, as well as other unique national contracts in Sweden and Norway below the threshold value, through Visma Commerce. This means, we set up a personal search profile for you using CPV codes and keywords and you get notifications for all new published contracts, as well as renewals or withdrawals, within your profile.


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